About Bienêtre

“Escape within the city!”

Bienetre Institute is the first specialized Wellness and Medical spa in Egypt, which brings together the best medical doctors and alternative holistic health therapists, under one roof, to offer you personalized, private and professional services. We bring you the most exquisite organic and chemical free products to give you an exclusive pampering experience in Beauty, Health and Wellness.

“Make the Right Lifestyle Choice…”

Bienêtre Institute is built on a strong belief that our lives are nothing more than a reflection of ourselves, and that within us lays all that we need to live happily and in good health – so long as we make the right lifestyle choices.

The institute caters to all ages and both genders, specifically designed around your wellbeing. Enjoy world-class treatments and state of the art natural healing techniques and products.Leave your worries behind as you step inside Bienêtre Institute, your very own sanctuary in the heart of the city. We understand the complexity of your individual daily challenges, thus we offer you unique, personalized services tailored to your specific needs. You can enjoy a free wellness consultation upon visiting Bienetre, to help you identify solutions for the challenges you face on your life journey.
Our treatments and services offer you a wide choice that help you revamp your life and reinvent yourself through attaining life balance, by tending to your mind, body and soul. We believe everyone deserves to Live Healthy and Happy! Busy city-life takes its toll on our health, mental and emotional wellbeing and sense of self!

At Bienetre your Beauty, Health and Wellness treatments and services are available at your request. Trust the process and trust the experts at Bienêtre, who work around the clock to ensure your journey at the institute is one that heals, relaxes and recharges your soul.

Bienêtre, Believe, Revive, Live!

“For us, feeling good is more than just a mood, it is more than the result of your life’s happenings; feeling good is a choice we make, a lifestyle we adopt and an effort we make towards bettering ourselves, it is the key to living up to our full potential.”

Dr. Manal Hussein

Word from the founders

Our lives are journeys. We often do not appreciate these journeys till we hit a bump on the road that forces us to realize the value of our everyday. We should embrace life changing experiences even if they come in the form of obstacles; they can help us appreciate the simple things and the important more complex things…ourselves. You get up every morning, striving to do more, to be there for your family, your work and your home that you forget you need to be there for you.

As we choose our journeys and create our own path, we must be conscious of the choices we make and their impact on our physical and mental health. Unfortunately, like many, I made health my priority when I was left with no other choice, having to face one of the greatest challenges life has brought my way. Challenges I have come to understand, are some of life’s greatest blessings if handled with enough attention and willingness to overcome. It is that same willingness to overcome that has led me to establish Bienêtre, an institute designed to make your wellbeing your priority. For us, feeling good is more than just a mood, it is more than the result of your life’s happenings; feeling good is a choice we make, a lifestyle we adopt and an effort we make towards bettering ourselves, it is the key to living up to our full potential.

Personal experience coupled with years of research have led me to a thorough understanding of the wellbeing industry, its services, how they complement each other and how crucial it is for us to pay attention to ourselves. Through Bienêtre Institute, I aspire to share this knowledge with you. Going for a holistic and natural approach, our wellbeing professionals are here to guide you throughout your journey, providing you with a wide range of services that support your body and mind. At Bienêtre, we believe in each other and we believe in reaching our full potential. I have come through, and so can you.

Welcome to Bienêtre Institute, your journey unfolds here.

“it was very demanding trying to alter people’s attitudes and perceptions of what a hairdresser was, but I was adamant to bring about the change that the country needed”

Mohamed El Sagheer

It was in 1960 when Mohamed Al Sagheer began his work in the hairstyling industry working alongside some of the biggest names in the terrain before choosing to travel to France in 71, to acquire the true skills, grandeur and finesse of the trade under the hands of his mentor Alexandre de Paris, one of the first hairdressers who elevated the craft to art form. After two years in the city of lights, Al Sagheer returned to Cairo to establish himself as one of the first ‘haute coiffeurs’ in the country and region, and in 1980 opened his first establishment in the then Sheraton Heliopolis, challenging the traditional perception of hair salons found in Egypt at that time.

Since then Al Sagheer’s tenacity and business insight has not only won him international awards but made him the leading name in Egypt’s beauty industry, with a clientele list that continues to grow, and a reputation that supersedes him on national and international scales, gaining him recognition as one of the “Top 50” hairstylists worldwide. Driven by his artistic energy and desire to uplift the industry as a whole; Mohamed Al Sagheer, member of the “Haute Coiffure Française” and “Inter-Coiffure Mondiale”, continues to make the beauty industry grow with unlimited ingenuity and fervor.

What started out as a small Heliopolis salon in 1980 under the brand name “Mohamed Al Sagheer” has now become a flagship institute in the beauty sector, encompassing a chain of some 28 salons across Egypt with regional branch Dubai, UAE. From the get-go it was Mohamed Al Sagheer’s aspiration to provide for the country’s upper echelon, and to do so it was only natural that the company expand to include spas, boutiques and nail lounges that offer the best services and latest beauty techniques.

In October of 2002 the Al Sagheer Group launched the first grand beauty center of its caliber in the region, in Cairo’s prestigious Zamalek area. The striking five-story building houses a deluxe hairstyling salon, with services for women, men and children, a high-end luxury spa, nail lounge and plush boutique.

In 2015 Al Sagheer launched his book, Days From My Life. A memoir that tells his inspiring story in intricate detail, from how he started and to how he became the man we all know today, saying all the proceeds from the book goes to the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation. In keeping with our dedication to the trade, the mother company then expanded to include two subdivisions, the first being Al Sagheer Cosmetics which incorporates our salons, boutiques, spas and nail lounges under its umbrella. The second Al Sagheer Import & Marketing was then established to accommodate to our cosmetics company granting our services with high-end brands, to answer our purpose of providing our clients with the best that the beauty industry has to offer. Moreover, we’re the sole distributors of these luxury brands to 600 direct sellers and wholesalers across Egypt.