Hair Care

Elite Activ Shampoo

Elite Active Shampoo is an anti-static shampoo for synthetic wigs that reduces friction so as not to damage the wig.

Elite Activ Conditioner

Elite Activ Conditioner is a conditioner for synthetic wigs that adds volume and shine after cleaning. It is advisable to use after the Activ Shampoo.

Elite Activ Baume

Elite Active Baume is a conditioner and detangling balm that protects the color of synthetic wigs, reduces friction for greater durability of optimal conditions of the wig.

Elite Naturel Activ Shampoo

Elite Naturel Active Shampoo is a shampoo for natural hair wigs. Keeps natural hair in perfect condition and protects it from external aggression.

Elite Naturel Activ Cream

Elite Naturel Active Cream is a cream that restores the natural hair of your wig. It is recommended to use it together with the Naturel Acitv Shampoo. Leaves your natural and silky wig.

Serena Regenhair

Serene Regenhair provides active synergy that accelerates the regrowth of the hair and gives it density, texture and shine. Product specifically designed for people after chemotherapy treatment. It is recommended not to rinse the product that remains light on the hair.

Serena Phytosoft

Serena Phytosoft is a moisturizing emulsion that compensates for the drying of the skin and the scalp felt during the treatment. In daily use it hydrates, nourishes and maintains the suppleness and comfort of the skin.

Serena Cryforce 2

Serene Cryforce 2 is a cleansing, refreshing and purifying base for the maintenance of scalp attacked by chemotherapy treatments. The algae gel and sage cleanse thoroughly for real comfort. The absence of foam respects the balance of the cutaneous PH.

Nail Care

Acetone free nail polish remover

Acetone free nail polish remover.

Si-nails strengthening varnish

A special formulation for fragile nails, designed to protect, improve and encourage the growth of the nail through its essential nutritional additives. This varnish enables the nails to regain their comfort and beauty. It procures benefits such as regulation of growth, improvement to their protection and their resistance, and hardening.

Chemical Free nail polish

(Coming Soon)

Skin Care

Dexeryl Creme

Dexeryl crème is an emollient and moisturizing cream based on Vaseline, paraffin and glycerol. It is intended to treat dermatological conditions leading to more or less extensive cutaneous droughts.


Hexomedine is a supplementary treatment for skin disorders that are primitively bacterial or susceptible to infections.

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