If you are a cancer patient or have just finished your treatment, you are already on a brave journey of healing from the side effects of treatment as well as the emotional-mental state of being that you have courageously undergone.

At Bienetre, we offer you a safe haven where you can let go of your burdens and find beauty, health and wellness needs and experts to assist you through.
If your aim is to look good, the Beauty services cater to your needs, through the Elite hair International wigs and dermo-fusion for men, the organic nails spa offering you chemical free manicures, aroma-therapy paraffin treatments, Organic facial and skin care, and semi and permanent makeup services.

To feel good, Bienetre Wellness services offer you relaxing and therapeutic massage options, counseling, coaching and psychiatry. Holistic Health is very important in the recuperation and revitalization stages of your journey, a number of holistic health services are available including homeopathy, energy therapies, and bio-resonance testing and corrections. To attain better health, nutritionists are available to help you meet your weight loss objectives, or adopt a healthy lifestyle. Physiotherapists, and acupuncture therapists are also available to help alleviate physical pains. NSA lab instant medical testing service is also available on the facility to help you follow up with your health check-ups with ease and comfort.

Enhance your general well-being, find your inner beauty and balance in order to approach life with a renewed sense of aliveness and joy. Manage your stress levels through a pampering beauty experience, a wellness lifestyle change, and a mental-emotional healing program.

Book a free wellness consultation, or inquire for set programs.
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